Arson attack prompts installation of letterbox sentry

Former Marine Who Spoke Out Against 'Thugs' Has Home Torched Twice 

Sean Ivey, who is now a teacher, posted on social media for change after his parents were robbed and he saw a biker 'riding like a lunatic' on the pavement. 

Later that night, his home in Wingate, County Durham, was set alight while he and his family slept.

Posting on Facebook after the initial arson attack, he said: 'We're good standing members of the community and now, because I spoke out against anti-social behaviour, my five-year-old boy, seven-year-old girl, wife and myself were almost murdered whilst asleep.'

Learning of Sean's story and the fear he was now facing, Letterbox Sentry got in touch to offer him and his family a free of charge FG1 Anti-Arson Lockable Alarmed Letterbox.

The FG1 model has been designed as an early warning system. It will sound an audible alarm if anyone tries to tamper with your letterbox when it is locked. The FG1 model also has an inbuilt vapour sensor which detects flammable accelerants. As soon as a flammable substance has been detected, the letterbox will automatically lock and the audible alarm will sound giving you and your family time to move to a safer location and call the emergency services.

With 90% of malicious fires being started via the letterbox, Letterbox Sentry has offered Sean and his family a feeling of safety at home again.

Sean advised: 'Letterbox Sentry offered a fantastic service. It now gives us peace of mind while we try and rebuild our lives.'

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